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StreamAudio and MediaSpan Announce Co-Marketing Agreement

MediaSpan and StreamAudio establish a co-marketing partnership to utilize and sell Audio Streaming, Web Design, Content Management, Network Ad Sales and Online Loyalty services

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) March 31, 2008 – MediaSpan and StreamAudio have entered into an exclusive co-marketing agreement in which StreamAudio will be the preferred streaming provider for MediaSpan’s customers and, in turn, StreamAudio will promote MediaSpan's web design, content management, online loyalty and network ad sales services to its customers.  MediaSpan provides online marketing solutions for its online Network of over 1,400 local media websites, and provides streaming solutions for over 60 radio stations and newspapers. StreamAudio is the leading provider of cost-effective streaming solutions for media groups in the U.S.
Steve Barth, EVP and General Manager of MediaSpan’s Online Services unit, said, “After much due diligence and careful consideration, we were very impressed with StreamAudio’s streaming platform, advertising software, and customer service. And, with its industry-leading reputation, large customer base and popular website, StreamAudio is well positioned to recommend our services to hundreds of their customers and prospects.”
"With an installed base of more than 40 media companies, 500 radio stations, and commercial delivery of more than 12 million streaming hours per month, StreamAudio has the capacity, experience, and know-how to perform well for a service oriented company such as MediaSpan”, said Darren Harle, President and General Manager of StreamAudio. “As an industry leader, we get lots of calls for website development and network sales services from media companies. After reviewing MediaSpan’s products and development capabilities and getting to know its management team and their customer service philosophy, we concluded that this is a company that we would be proud to recommend.”
Mr. Barth, added, “Newspaper and radio customers will greatly benefit from this partnership between Internet streaming pioneer StreamAudio, and MediaSpan with its over 100 years of serving local media properties. After working with StreamAudio for several months, and experiencing their streaming service and their user-friendly software, we are confident that StreamAudio is a good match for MediaSpan’s  leading industry position and strong 24/7 support.”
MediaSpan will be demonstrating its innovative online services toolsets along with other solutions for publishers at the NEXPO Capital Conference ‘08 in Washington, DC , Booth 700, April 12th -15th.
About StreamAudio
StreamAudio (formally ChainCast Networks) provides cost-effective Internet streaming solutions for media groups.  StreamAudio offers an industry-leading list of streaming features and software, such as live and on-demand streaming, ad replacement/insertion, stream protection, podcasting, program blackout, data collection for streaming stats and RIAA royalty payments, etc.  Its clients include over 40 media groups; such as Cox Radio, Cumulus, Simmons, Morris, Zimmer, etc.  StreamAudio currently provides streaming services for 500 radio stations, serving over 12 million streaming hours.  StreamAudio was founded in 1999 and is based in San Jose, California, with remote offices in Tacoma, WA and Singapore.  For additional information, visit www.streamaudio.com

About MediaSpan
MediaSpan (www.mediaspangroup.com) powers digital content management and online marketing solutions for the world's leading media companies including Reuters, ABC Radio, Citadel, Sun Media, Gannett, Radio One, Sandusky, South Central Radio, Scripps and Media General. Over 4,000 local newspaper, radio, and television properties leverage MediaSpan solutions. MediaSpan Media Software (www.mediaspansoftware.com) provides mission-critical, pre-press infrastructure tools enabling efficient content delivery to consumers across print, web and wireless platforms. MediaSpan Online Services (www.mediaspanonline.com) provides a comprehensive suite of website management and marketing solutions. The MediaSpan Network (www.mediaspannetwork.com) delivers an unparalleled national online advertising opportunity across over 1,400 local radio, newspaper and television websites in 300 U.S. DMAs.

MediaSpan has development, support and sales offices worldwide including locations in Ann Arbor, MI, Melbourne, FL, New York, NY, London, England UK and Irvine, CA.