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Network Revenue

We are committed to communicating the value of local online media to National advertisers and generating new revenue for our local media partners. Unlike the national ad networks and search portals who are promoting their own brand at the expense of your long term business goals, our focus is in promoting local media brands to generate national revenue for you.

In order for local media sites to take a piece of the national pie, they need to rise above the clutter and work with a partner who is focused on elevating the local media message to a national platform.

MediaSpan’s network size, market experience and extensive national sales team helps us bring your local property new national ad dollars that you have never had access to before. And, our partnership model is extremely flexible. You can include as much or as little inventory in our “network pool” as you see fit, and opt-in and out at any time. Plus, we centrally manage, track and report delivery of ad units – you just pick up the checks!

Network Revenue


  • Guaranteed monthly revenue

  • Total flexibility -- opt-in and out as your local inventory needs demand

  • All IAB standard ad units as well as audio and video spots accepted

  • Centrally managed ad serving -- turnkey for your property

  • National sales force delivers highest possible CPMs

  • Monthly reports and payouts

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details on our industry leading solution.