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Over 20 years of experience developing print publishing software and nearly a decade working with over 1,500 local radio customers, has given us a unique insight into the challenges of workflow management in local media. Our robust, scaleable solution has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your local systems making online content creation and breaking news delivery a snap for the biggest newspaper or smallest broadcaster.
MediaSpanís integrated Audio Streaming Suite enables your local property to deliver a crystal clear, highly scalable streaming audio program to any computer, anywhere in the world. All of your programs are delivered in a customized player that features your local brand and advertisers. And, with our exclusive AdSMART Systemô, you can dynami≠cally integrate customized audio spots directly into the stream. The AdSMART Systemô (Ad Selection Management Analysis Report≠ing Targeting) enables you to easily insert and manage custom audio ads, track ad delivery, analyze performance, report and bill through one easy to use, browser-based system.
Having created, designed, engineered and hosted more than 1,500 local media sites world-wide, MediaSpan Online Services knows what it takes to create a compelling local online experience.
MediaSpanís Relationship Management Suite enables you to enhance the connection with your audience and create new revenue streams by creating ďmembers-onlyĒ features and functionality.
MediaSpanís Podcasting toolset is the hottest way to extend your online content to a new generation of mobile, information-hungry listeners and readers!
With MediaSpanís Classified / Ecommerce tools you can create, manage and track new revenue generating online classifieds programs on your local website.
With MediaSpanís Advertising Suite, you can target, track and manage classified and display ads to drive higher publisher and advertiser ROI.
We are committed to communicating the value of local online media to National advertisers and generating new revenue for our local media partners. Unlike the national ad networks and search portals who are promoting their own brand at the expense of your long term business goals, our focus is in promoting local media brands to generate national revenue for you.
Through our Enhanced Loyalty Suite, MediaSpan can help you develop and manage a closer relationship with your audience that will generate higher brand affinity, increased online traffic and an enhanced bottom-line for your local site.
MediaSpan offers an array of exiting promotional and Fan Frenzy sports games designed to keep your audience coming to your site again and again, while providing your advertisers with a new way to interact with their audience.
Great solutions are useless without excellent training and support to back them up. Before your website goes live and 24/7 after that day, MediaSpanís Affiliate Relations staff ensures that you have all of help you need to make your local website an online powerhouse.